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Our services consist of construction work, steel pipe pile driving, sheeting and lowering the level of groundwater. We also sell and deliver sifted soil in the Joensuu area.

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A well-done basic construction work creates a great foundation for many projects and further building plans. Contact us and ask for more details!

Our construction services include:

  • Construction of roads, streets and parks
  • Preparation work for house foundations
  • Dredging, building breakwaters and other water environment construction tasks
  • Building piers and marinas for small boats
  • Municipal infrastructure renovations
  • Water and sewage system work
  • Management of groundwater and surface water

Steel pipe pile driving

We drive steel pipe piles to the ground with our Movax SG-75V pile hammer. A secure installation of the pile is assured by performing the end-of-driving with a hydraulic pile hammer.

The piles are equipped with either rock shoes or sand shoes and are cut to the right length. Pile caps are installed and also attached to the piles if necessary.

In the end the piles are measured and a report is written according to the industry requirements.

Steel retaining walls

We build permanent and temporary steel retaining walls from steel sheets. The sheeting is always made diligently and according to the requirements of each project. We also install HE beam supports.

We use Archelor Mittal GU12 and Larssen 604 steel sheets that are 3-15 m long.

Lowering groundwater level

To lower the groundwater level, we use a method which helps to dry up an excavation and prevents hydraulic fracturing.

We use the vacuum dewatering method which allows the dewatering pipes to be placed either around the excavation, on its edges or on multiple different levels in deep excavations. In retained excavations the dewatering pipes can be placed either inside or outside of the retaining walls. The placing of the dewatering pipes is always project specific.

The groundwater level can be lowered anytime around the year.
Here’s an exemplary picture that portrays the dewatering system installation:

Exemplary picture

Soil for grass planting

We sell sifted soil for grass planting.

Price: 10€ + VAT /m3

Delivered to the Joensuu area.

Contact us: +358 50 403 3477