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Spaces for rent

We rent out spaces for production, storage, office or industrial use from our 3-story building in Hammaslahti, Joensuu.

The building’s surface area is 1800 m2 and it is on a 14 800 m2 land. The materials in the outside areas are asphalt (around 8003 m2), concrete tiles (around 1580 m2) and sand (around 3420 m2).

The premises have a drainage system that is connected to the municipal water system. The building has a compressed air system and an affordable wood chip heating system. The fuses in use are 63 A and can be switched to up to 400 A fuses.


Rekivaarantie 61
82200 Hammaslahti

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The building has three floors with different spaces:

1st floor

The 1st floor has two industrial spaces as well as other premises.


The big industrial space, around 1008 m2

Length 56 m

Width 18 m

Height 9.70 m

Travelling crane: lifting efficiency 13 t, height of the hook 7 m

The small industrial space, around 247 m2

Length 21 m

Width 12 m

Height 9.50 m

Travelling crane: lifting efficiency 10 t, height of the hook 7 m

Toilets and bathrooms

The building’s ground floor has storage space that is 3 m high as well as technical rooms and the wood chip heating center. These spaces cover around 542 m2 of the 1st floor. The woodchip storage is located outside the building.

2nd floor

The 2nd floor is divided into three parts:

  • Big industrial space 1000 m2
  • Small industrial space 250 m2
  • Warehouse and production spaces 100 m2–550 m2


Toilets, bathrooms and a sauna

3rd floor

The 3rd floor has different sized office spaces.

50 m2–500 m2 office spaces


Toilets and bathrooms

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!

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